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Use Strategic Enablers to Improve Your Strategic Planning Effectiveness

Foundational strategic enablers are elements of your business that must be in place and to which you must have a certain degree of competency in performing in order to achieve the CSFs you have identified. They are not CSFs. Rather, they are necessary to support your CSFs. 
The Need to Plan

If You Are An Organizational Leader, You Need To Plan

A plan is just a road map or compass to get you from one place to another. It need not be overly complicated, but it needs to be detailed enough to serve its purpose. Anything done long-term requires a plan to guide thinking and outline intentions and boundaries for employees in getting work done and serving the larger business purpose and objectives.
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Why Strategic Planning is Both Natural and Necessary for Success

A strategic plan is an essential management process and tool. It significantly contributes to organizing the thinking and actions required to ensure a valued and profitable use of resources sufficient to sustain and enhance the profitability and continued existence of the business or organization.
The Imperative of Business StrategyChris Lawton - unsplash

The Imperative of Business Strategy

Strategy is the roadmap for success. It is an articulated expression of what the organization strives to achieve, and how it will go about doing so.