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Discovering Requisite Agility: Living with Future Shock© 2022 Barry L. Linetsky, All Rights Reserved

Discovering Requisite Agility: A New Integrated Approach to Value Creation in a VUCA World | Part 1 | Living With Future Shock

Requisite Agility is a new and modern scientific and human-centric approach to making-sense of difficult challenges in complex human environments. It is an advanced conceptual system approach and set of practices to address and solve highly complex problems of value-creation and resource allocation that can bring about radical positive change, where demand tempos exceed enterprise integration tempos. It’s goal is to provide insight, structure and method to promoting healthy, adaptive, and effective organizations by enhancing the effectiveness of large-scale collaboration across multiple boundaries or ‘systems’ to successfully and profitably pursue, create and enhance the value consumers demand in what is an ever-emerging and always uncertain future.