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Postmodernism: A Primer for Reasoning Minds | Part 6: The Postmodernist Embrace of Counterfeit Thinking

Postmodernism posits as a basic premise the rejection of reason as a Western superstition. It does not demonstrate that reason is akin to superstition, for the practical reason that an argument requires evidence or proof, and evidence and proof require an objective reality to establish evidential facts acquired from the foundational sensory evidence that forms the building blocks for the creation of higher-level concepts.

Postmodernism: A Primer for Reasoning Minds | Part 5: Postmodernism Welcomes You to the Wrecking Ball of Reason

The defining feature of postmodernism and its variants is a psycho-epistemological requirement to short-circuit the mind by both accepting and rejecting logic simultaneously. It is an ideology that sets the human mind against its own nature. To abandon logic is to abandon the mind’s purpose as the causal link between desires and successful action.

Postmodernism: A Primer for Reasoning Minds | Part 1: What Is Postmodernism?

Postmodernism as a skeptical philosophy and ideology is all the rage in today’s culture and is becoming increasingly mainstream as people begin to pay attention to the causes of the confusing absurdities and disconcerting destabilizing events playing out in our political institutions, media, universities, communities, workplaces, and perhaps even our own households.

The Myth of the Memorable Mission Statement

It is a common perspective amongst leaders that an organizational statement of purpose must be short, memorable and motivating like the world’s greatest marketing slogans or brand tag lines. What these executives are never able to validate is why this is better or more important than a more comprehensive statement that explains and communicates the purpose of the business.